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Dr.Amy: Time to write your list for Christmas… But don’t post this one to the North Pole.

Why is it that unexpected medical problems always happen at the most inconvenient moments: like half­way through Christmas lunch or when the chimes are striking Midnight on New Year’s eve. It might surprise you to know that, if you go to A&E, are admitted to hospital or even seen by an Out of Hours GP over the Christmas holiday, they won’t usually have access to your own GP’s comprehensive notes about you. They may not know what medications you usually take, or why, or if you have any allergies. If you get sick on the day before Christmas Eve this year, the people caring for you may not be able to get information from your GPs system until the day after Boxing Day! So, this…

How to Include Your Elderly Loved Ones at Christmas

The holiday season ― that wonderful time of fun, friendship and family ― is fast approaching. For the elderly loved ones in your life, the holidays can be special treats. To help ensure that they ― and you ― fully enjoy the holidays. Here are a few elderly care tips you can use to keep your elderly loved ones involved this Christmas season. Set aside tasks that they can help with. During the holidays, make a special point of creating and reserving tasks that your elderly loved ones can take part in. Baking and decorating, for example, can get them involved while helping them feel useful. Visit them, wherever they are. The elderly who have trouble getting around or who live in nursing homes often…

Who cares for the carers? If you are looking after someone don’t forget to look after yourself

Who Cares for Carers

As a GP, I have many patients who wear themselves out trying to look after loved ones. Perhaps you are doing long hours at work as well as with a relative. Maybe it feels like you’re always on the road driving to be with them. Or simply coping with the 24 hour a day worries about whether they are OK. It’s important to remember that if you are not physically and emotionally in good form, you won’t have enough energy to keep caring. Doctors and nurses now talk about “compassion fatigue”. It’s that feeling you might have experienced when you are so tired of seeing your loved one struggling that you start to feel numb. The pleasure you once got from caring for someone might…

Staying Connected To Elderly Loved Ones or Those With Dementia

Staying Connected To Elderly Loved Ones or Those With Dementia

As loved ones get older or develop dementia, families begin to worry more and more about their wellbeing. Whether an aging parent lives nearby or long-distance, it is important to be in contact easily, even when it isn’t possible to visit in person regularly. But although modern technology can make life easier for the young, the array of options on mobiles can be baffling to the elderly. Staying connected to the elderly can help them to stay safe and allow them to remain at home for longer, so it is vital that they are able to use phones and mobiles without undue stress or difficulty. At Easiphone we understand the needs of elderly people and we’re always working to find new ways to use telephone…

Easiphone Big Button Mobiles

Big Button Mobile Phones

According to research by AgeUK, nearly one in five people currently in the UK will live to see their 100th birthday. As life expectancy lengthens and the ageing population stays at home longer, it is important that they have the vital lifeline of communication. Older people and those with some disabilities can find modern mobile phones daunting and difficult to use. As the phones get smaller and the applications sleeker, making calls can be a challenge. Many people just want a simple, easy-to-use phone in, but they don’t want to worry about touch screens, small buttons and myriad features. At Easiphones we’ve stripped phones back to make them user-friendly, but added in a few emergency features across our large selection of specially designed accessible phones….

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